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Fort Myers hotels are available in every category, ranging from world class luxury hotels to Fort Myers cheap hotels. Which hotels to check out depends largely on your budget and your taste. If you're a seaside vacationer and would like to check out hotels on the sandy beach, head to the magnificent Fort Myers Beach hotels. These hotels not only offer glittering views but they also offer many entertainment options to enjoy. Staying at these beachfront hotels you can not only enjoy the natural surroundings but also enjoy the beautiful beaches. Play a beach volleyball game, have fun with surfing, kayaking, canoeing and swimming … the fun doesn't end there. A stay and a wonderful landscape … you'll love your time in Fort Myers.

Located in southwest Florida, Fort Myers is a great US vacation destination. Pleasant weather, trendy Fort Myers Hotels and plenty of activities to try out, this city is a traveler's paradise. In addition to its beautiful beaches, the city also has many picturesque points of interest and remarkable tourist attractions.

Edison and Ford Winter Estates

As the nation's 9th busiest historic home, properties include a 20-acre site with historic buildings and gardens, Edison's original rubber workshop, a large museum, food court and river cruises among others.

Burroughs Home

The colossal and renowned Burroughs Home and its rich lawns are open for visitors to visit this stunning building. In addition to weddings and other private functions can also be performed here.

Fort Myers Historical Museum

The Fort Myers Historical Museum, located on the old quay of the Atlantic Coast, presents artifacts and ruins that will give you a glimpse into the history of Southwest Florida. Also featured is a Pullman car, the ESPERANZA and a 1900 Cracker House model.

Yacht boat

The Yacht Basin is located at Mark Marker 135 on Okeechobee Street. This is a well designed and isolated marina. Owned and maintained by Fort Myers this marina is visited by hordes of tourists and visitors.


The Imaginarium Hands On Museum is the place to see vibrant and interactive exhibits featuring live animals, widescreen cinemas, a hurricane simulator and dig dinino among others. At this museum you watch enlightening entertainment and 3-D presentations.

Eastwood Golf Course

Eastwood Golf Course Eastwood is located on Ortiz Avenue near Colonial Blvd in Fort Myers, Florida. The gates of this famous golf course are open to the public all year round. You can relax in this place and relax in the food you can enjoy from the kiosks here.