Relocation to Jacksonville Florida

The beautiful geography and climate of Jacksonville make life in the area fast and fun. The beaches in and around Jacksonville provide residents with beautiful escape experiences.

Located north of downtown, Atlantic Beach features impressive beachfront homes that reflect a variety of New England, Caribbean and artistic architectural styles. South of the city center, Neptune Beach is lined with soft colored beach houses that are a bit more modest in size and style. Both communities share the same area with soft, broad white sand beaches backed by dunes covered in oats.

The most populous part of Jacksonville's coast, Jacksonville Beach features a rapidly expanding skyline of high standard accommodation and hotels. In its active center is the new Pavilion Seawalk, an amphitheater by the ocean, and the Latham Plaza, a well-groomed green area across the street. Together they provide an entertaining focal point surrounded by many restaurants, nightclubs and hotels. Throughout the year, both venues host popular festivals celebrating food, culture and music. Jacksonville Beach has a beautiful broad bunch of soft, white sand with bees and dunes. Adventure Landing is a popular water and amusement park located on the other side of the island.

Jacksonville's exclusive Ponte Vedra Beach boasts enormous millionaire mansions, a trio of world-class resorts such as the five-star Ponte Vedra Inn & Club and high quality boutique shopping villages. The richest people in Jacksonville live in the main scheduled communities along the Ponte Vedra beach, making this beach the go of area when it is in Jacksonville.

Sports events are abundant in the Jacksonville area. AllTel Stadium is one of the most attractive NFL stadiums. The cities of Jacksonville Jaguars are an exciting new group to watch for locals. The weather in Jacksonville makes a soccer game a fun experience.

Jacksonville includes one of America's leading zoos. The zoo's main attraction, the Jaguar range, is a unique complex that adds to the zoo's excitement. Designed as a restored Latin American village and temple, the attraction includes a restaurant with large picture windows that allows guests to watch these mighty cats while eating. The exhibits of the lion, the elephant and the aardvark give visitors the opportunity to see the animals in a natural environment. In addition to the animals, the zoo also has the largest beamed structure in North America, the Main Camp Safari Lodge, which serves as the entrance to the park in addition to housing gift shop, meeting room and party.