Traveling to Biscayne National Park, Florida

Biscayne National Park is located in Florida on the South East Atlantic Coast. There is no charge for entering the park, but camping fees and moorings are charged at night. The park covers over 170,000 acres, almost 95% of which is under water. There are 45 low islands in the park, called keys. Guests can participate in many types of water activities in the park. There are also some things to do on earth.

What to do ashore

Guests can learn about the park at the Dante Fascell Visitor Center in Convoy Point. The exhibits at the museum focus on the park's ecosystems and the artwork inspired by the park appears in a gallery and films are also shown. Guests can touch bones, corals and other objects on the Touch Table. Educational supplies are sold in the bookstore and souvenirs are sold in the gift shop.

There are picnic areas near the Visitor Center and there is a walking path to Convoy Point and fishing in the area is allowed. Campsites are also available at Elliott Key and Boca Chita Key. Elliott Key also has hiking spots and there are even more hiking trails in the Adams Key. These keys are only accessible by boat.

What to do in the water

Guests can explore the park on their own boats or take boat trips. Underwater life in the park can be seen on fitness trips. Boats that do not carry their own boats can rent a kayak or canoe. The shallow reefs in the park provide snorkelers with an ultimate view of underwater marine life and diving trips are available on weekends.

Where to stay and eat

There are no hotels or restaurants in Biscayne National Park. Visitors to the park will find amazing hotels nearby, where they can stay while visiting the park. There are Biscayne Bay hotels on the bay. Biscayne National Park is located about 35 miles south of Miami. Travelers will find hotels in Biscayne National Park and hotels in Biscayne Bay in Miami.

Seafood guests can enjoy seafood at Miami's seafood restaurants. Cuban, Italian and Mexican dishes are some of the options in downtown Miami. Visitors to Biscayne National Park will find plenty to do in the park and on the beaches around. Come for the park and take a break from it.