Bitcoin against false

The crypto industry has not been without its fair share of fraud and disadvantages. Bitcoin has been struggling with its reputation since its inception, and FUD brand media outlets have not helped matters. Social media and search giants also blame it, but that doesn’t bother bitcoin.

More fake Google results for Bitcoin
Researchers have found that most of the links returned to Google search engine for Bitcoin QR Codes are for fake or fraudulent websites. Forbes, in line with Bitcoin’s usual stance, said it was just another crypto scam that did not prevent them.

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No matter what is widespread, it is Google’s fraud that first puts these fraudulent links into its search engine. The study found that 4 out of the first 5 results of Google’s query resulted in a fraudulent site.

According to researchers at the ZenGo crypto wallet provider, QR codes created by these fake sites are being sent for Bitcoin fraud. QR codes are used to capture data through mobile phone cameras, in this case to quickly share a Bitcoin address. The researchers added;