Florida Hotel Reviews

Reading the reviews written by tourists and frequent visitors to Florida vacation destinations will leave you completely confused. The reviews, especially those that talk about hotels in Florida, range from those that express utter discontent and disgust, to ecstatic happiness. However, reading these reviews carefully before confirming your booking with one of the hotels is a very wise step.

Some of the reviews will tell you that the confidence of images displayed on some hotel websites can be extremely misleading. While the photo may tell you that the hotel is nothing less than a luxurious resort at dirty cheap rates, on arrival you will not be shocked if the hotel is only dirty with zero availability even with basic facilities.

Many customers who have visited Florida hotels complain that the cost of the room displayed on the websites is often misleading. Room costs often do not even include basic services such as parking. Some of the customers end up paying more than $ 100 extra for these basic accommodations only.

Some of the reviews reveal shocking acts, false ads from some hotels. There have been times when people have entered their rooms to find that even the smallest sounds made by people living in the room next to them could be heard clearly. The shower will change the temperature of the water distributed according to its whims and fantasies, basic toiletries such as towels were also scarce, and instead of looking across the ocean, their room overlooked only an old and abandoned building .

Despite these backgrounds, most people swear by the fact that no matter how bad a stay in Florida's picturesque locations could have been, more than offset the hotel's horrific experiences. So do not let anything deter you from making this trip to Florida, make sure you are well informed about the hotel you choose.

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